Auf die feine ART: Agile Release Trains coachen

Ihre Rolle als SAFe® 4 Release Train Engineer (RTE) bedeutet, dass Sie in komplexen Projekten Wertschöpfung für alle Beteiligten in jedem Bereich ermöglichen. Sie handeln auf der Ebene oberhalb der einzelnen agilen Teams – das erfordert einen detaillierten Überblick und zugleich tiefes Verständnis für Ihre Rolle. Beides eignen Sie sich in diesem 3-Tages-Kurs an.

Die Hauptaufgabe eines Release Train Engineers: Aufbau und Steuerung eines leistungsfähigen Agile Release Trains (ART) mit bis zu 150 Projektbeteiligten. Ihre Führungsrolle ist zugleich dienend und Orientierung gebend.

Der Kurs bereitet Sie auf Ihre transformatorische Aufgabe vor, die den Visionär, den Coach und die Führungskraft in Ihnen fordert. Konkret gehören Planung und Ausführung von Programm-Inkrementen ebenso dazu wie die Koordination der ART-Prozesse und die Unterstützung der Teams. Wir werden erlebnisorientiert und praxisnah arbeiten.

Diese Ausbildung schließt mit der Prüfung zum „Scaled Agile™ SAFe RTE“ ab. Diese folgt strengen Qualitätsstandards, so dass Sie gut vorbereitet sind, um Ihre Rolle in einem SAFe-Unternehmen effektiv zu erfüllen.


Ihre wichtigsten Lerninhalte:

  • Anwendung von Lean-Agile-Wissen und -Tools zur Ausführung und Freigabe von Werten
  • Unterstützung bei der Umsetzung von Programmen und großen Lösungen
  • Unermüdliche Verbesserung vorantreiben
  • Aufbau eines leistungsstarken ART, indem Sie ein dienender Leiter und Coach werden
  • Entwicklung eines Aktionsplans zur Fortsetzung der Learning Journey



  • SAFe® RTE-Zertifikat
  • Einjährige zertifizierte Mitgliedschaft als SAFe® RTE

Schulungsprogramm (3 tage)

Die Schulungstage dauern von 8:30 bis 17:00 Uhr, einschließlich Mittagessen und Kaffeepausen.


  • Die Grundsätze von SAFe und ihre Anwendung
  • Rolle und Verantwortlichkeiten des RTE
  • Organisation des ART
  • Planen eines Programminkrements
  • Ausführen eines Programminkrements
  • Zusammenarbeit über Wertströme
  • Förderung der stetigen Verbesserung
  • Coaching von ART
  • Förderung des Lernprozesses


Folgende Personen werden von diesem Kurs profitieren:

  • RTE und Solution Train Engineers (STEs)
  • Programm- und Projektleiter
  • Scrum Master
  • Leitende Angestellte und Manager
  • Agile-Trainer
  • SAFe Program Consultants (SPC)
  • Trainingsarten:Course
  • Dauer: 3 Tage
  • Max. Teilnehmerzahl:18
  • Ebene:Advanced
  • SpracheEnglisch
  • Inkl. Mittagessen:Ja
  • ExerzitienJa
  • Unverbunden:Ja
  • Zahlungsmöglichkeiten:Rechnung, iDEAL, CreditCard
  • Prüfer:Logo
  • Henny van Beers - Bewertung: 8/10
    Good interactieve training
  • Ben van Ingen - Bewertung: 8/10
    The trainer did a real good job. Please more examtraining in course
  • Seamus Hetherton - Bewertung: 9/10
    Excellent course with excellent instructor
  • Davor Raic - Bewertung: 10/10
    Very good coverage and competent trainer, friendly and very well organized, stimulated networking, very good venue accessibility.
  • Frank Beckers - Bewertung: 9/10
    Location was good, nice room, coffee etc. Trainer was very experienced and able to present nice examples
  • Egidio Oudegroen - Bewertung: 7/10
    It was good but i expected more intense on the role of the RTE
  • Jennifer Ridenour - Bewertung: 9/10
    I enjoyed the exercises and learning from other RTE's how they handle situations. Very nice opportunity to learn from experienced RTEs.
  • Denise Plumb - Bewertung: 9/10
    The trainer was the best I've had for a SAFe class. If he had been my instructor for previous classes, I feel I would have been more prepared for those exams. I passed previous exams, but I still felt like I didn't understand the material as well as I wanted to. After taking Ali's class, he was very thorough and explained things very well. I would highly recommend this trainer to anyone.
  • Danny van Loon - Bewertung: 9/10
    Good balance of theory 'war stories' and practices. However the long days started to grind on my attention span, aswell as the repetitive form of the official excercises ( which Eelco did try to break through by combining /changing exercises )
  • Robert obrien - Bewertung: 10/10
    Ali was a great facilitator. Good location.
  • Karl Schöttler - Bewertung: 9/10
    I liked the training very much. It was inspiring, the level was high, I learned a lot. That was what I wanted. The trainer was excellent and committed. The schedule was good. The location of spaces is super. The room was a bit to small for the 18 people and the tables were tiny. The lunch (only bagels) was mwah, I would have liked more options on the menu for that price.
  • Samantha Yang - Bewertung: 10/10
    Great material, thorough and knowledgable instructor, great class work, very practical and useful tools provided for realworld usability.
  • Shelly Poor - Bewertung: 10/10
    Interactive interesting and fun—Ali did a great job of making the material relatable and was flexible and sensitive to our asks.
  • Cyril Awere - Bewertung: 10/10
    The exchanges of practical experiences with SAFe adoption was highly valuable along with Eelco's excellent training.
  • Andre van Dijk - Bewertung: 10/10
    Excellent trainer. Lots of exercises giving good insight in how things work. Trainer shared lot of examples from real experience. Was a lot of fun and very good.
  • Wim Van Dommelen - Bewertung: 9/10
    Still to the perfect teaching of Eelco it is still a lot of powerpointslides in the manual. I would like more a 'normal' book-way off explaining stuff in theory to be read stand alone and only a summery in powerpoints.
  • William Korsinah - Bewertung: 10/10
    The entire training process from sign-on to end was very smooth. The team share information to help prep for the course. Eelco’s delivery was insightful, engaging, and he made sure we all had the opportunity to feel relaxed to ask questions and share our experience. I’ll highly recommend his class to contacts.
  • Sander Dur - Bewertung: 9/10
    Odile is a really good trainer but the content of the slides just feels to take forever.
  • Marcel van Nimwegen - Bewertung: 8/10
    Very knowledgeable Trainer. Good balance Presentation,exercises and room for questions. Logistics good. Central location,Wifi,Lunch
  • Giel Lardenoije - Bewertung: 8/10
    Liked: - interesting en complete content, lot of interaction and exercises, good trainer - very tight schedule to complete all the items in time. Because of that the trainer sometimes seemed in a hurry. Because of that we did not always have time to do an exercise truly good, and valuable group discussions sometimes were stopped. If there was a bit more flexibility in the schedule and room to do an exersice really good, and more room for discussion, i would value the training higher
  • Łukasz Rubanowicz - Bewertung: 9/10
    Great trainer, with very practice experience.
  • Barbara Brzewska - Bewertung: 7/10
    I think that If training is deddicated for one organizastion, it was be usefull if the trainer have some knowlage abot the safe inplementation in it. The treiner was greate, but in my opinion there was to many group work - and it took more time to share the group anwers that it was planed so there was be needed more time if we would do every exercise from the work book.
  • Adam Stawiarski - Bewertung: 10/10
    The trainer showed above-average knowledge and experience as well as the ability to conduct and facilitate the training. One of the best training i had.
  • Reza Kheirkhah - Bewertung: 8/10
    I liked the content and the area of discussion that was covered. Perhaps I missed the part of RTE role in regards to the funding & budgetting. Maybe planning of the days should be improved, so that it is not falling into a national holliday in DK :-) (May the 5th was a holliday in DK).
  • Claus Weiland - Bewertung: 8/10
    Very well run course. Substracting a bit from 10 due to the fact that I recently certified as SAFe Agilist, hence some content was top of mind already. So in short - not a critical voice of the conductance of the course!
  • Sabrina Dittrich - Bewertung: 8/10
    The training itself was very good. The trainer was great and has a lot of experience. -> 10 The exam is a bit strange. The questions are quite ambiguous and the learning effect is close to zero as at the end, it is not possible to see a solution. ->6
  • Birgit Palm - Bewertung: 10/10
    There was af good harmony between teori and pracix
  • Yoram Weizman - Bewertung: 10/10
    Content level was very good. The trainers where excellent as well as the facility and location.
  • Michel van Spijker - Bewertung: 8/10
    I was not very exited after day 1, mostly because of the repetitive character of the theory (compared to Leading SAFe). However, day 2 and 3 about PI Planning, PI execution and I&A was great.
  • Josette Udo - Bewertung: 7/10
    There were far too many slides. In the first day most of the slides were skipped therefore we missed some background info.
  • Floris van der Bijl - Bewertung: 8/10
    very interactive way to learn; good location
  • Kenneth King - Bewertung: 9/10
    Location was good, the facilites were excellent. The trainer was excellent.
  • Jacco van Zandwijk - Bewertung: 9/10
    Eelco Rustenburg is an extremely great coach/trainer; I was impressed by his knowledge and real-world examples of how RTE-activities can be done. It was a lot of information to cover in 3 days but Eelco succeeded in keeping the energy up. All in all, I can only describe the course as very good. The location (close to public transport) was also great; the room might have been a little bigger with 20 people attending and everything (including snacks, fruit, coffee & lunch) was very well catered.
  • James Felgate - Bewertung: 10/10
    The location was very convenient for those travelling and staying in the recommended hotel. The staff at Gladwell were very friendly, extremely helpful and made us feel welcome. The coffee machine was very slow and people often had to queue for a long time so another machine would be a good idea. The course material was covered well and the trainers knowledge was outstanding.
  • Stuart Craig - Bewertung: 8/10
    I think it was a good interactive experience.
  • Rudi Blok - Bewertung: 7/10
    The content was a bit too practical in my opinion. Working in small groups on exercises continuously for 3 days was a bit too much for me.
  • Thierry Benchetrit - Bewertung: 10/10
    Odile est très compétente, très expérimentée, sait rendre le cours vivant, parfait.
  • Thibault Coiffier - Bewertung: 9/10
    Very interesting training, with a very good trainer, in which each participant has been able to share their experiences and feedback.
  • Etienne Laverdière - Bewertung: 9/10
    Excellent teacher, great course, bad food, medium location.
  • Thierry Barbier - Bewertung: 8/10
    About content : thorough learning of the RTE role during the 3 days About trainer and learning method : excellent trainer with multiple experiences, good mix of theory and practice. The "key learnings" at the end of each chapter is very good. Interresting diversity in the group of trainees leading to interactions ad potential future networking. About location : no natural light in the classroom, even the lunch was served in the room.
  • Stephane Bretonneau - Bewertung: 9/10
    I liked the trainer and the content. But the room was with no window :(
  • Rémi Duhautoy - Bewertung: 10/10
    Amélioration : Nous avons suivi la formation dans une salle au sous-sol, une impression d'enfermement pendant ces 3 jours. Pour le repas faire varier davantage le contenu. Avoir des tables rondes pour faciliter les échanges
  • Georges Dandoy - Bewertung: 8/10
    Excellent teacher : Odile Moreau - Good dynamic with an excellent balance between theory and practices
  • Jérôme Froville - Bewertung: 9/10
    I really liked the workshops and the discussions with other RTE, especially those coming from other companies. The timing is strict and i would have appreciated more discussions about experiences of RTEs as it stayed usually on the surface of the subjects.
  • Raphael Havranek - Bewertung: 9/10
    I liked very much the rythm of this training session. A few slides then an exercize maintain attention. my concern is about the langage of the support, English, which is not my native one (French). Host very dynamic, mandatory for 25 adult pupils.
  • Pierlin Hamrouni - Bewertung: 9/10
    Exercises responses could be given in an additional document to be able to acquire knowledges even if the exercise is skipped during the course.
  • Rudi Bils - Bewertung: 9/10
    -allows a good understanding of SAFE -interaction with other more & less experienced RTE was very enriching -great energy provided by the trainer -sometimes a bit too much focus on SAFe model theory