Fireside chat for Scaling Agile for Hardware Development

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Come and join us during a fireside chat about Agile for Hardware development
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Agile for Hardware is revolutionizing the development of physical products and systems. It takes advantage of the successful practices of agile used by software teams, but tailors them to meet the specific challenges of hardware development. By embracing agile principles and adjusting strategies accordingly, teams are able to thrive in their endeavors, allowing them to:

  • Stay flexible to new information while maintaining design stability
  • Coordinate various disciplines and functions required for hardware development
  • Effectively handle lead times, dependencies, schedules, and production requirements
  • Seamlessly integrate with stage-gate, SAFe™, and other processes

What Is meant by "Hardware?"

Agile for Hardware product development is ideal for products and systems that include a combination of mechanical, electronic, and software elements. Industries and product categories are:

  • Electronics and semiconductors
  • Industrials products and systems
  • Medical devices and systems
  • Automotive, robotics and other industries

Hereby some information of Scaled Agile about Hardware

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